Are you thinking of taking the Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) exam? In this article, you’ll get tips for taking the certification exam and you will get to know about Marketo Exam Dumps which are important for exam preparation. The main objectives of the exam are: marketing automation concepts, lead management, targeting and personalization, implementation and operations, and analytics. 

Marketo Certified Expert Exam Information 

The Marketo Certified Expert Exam has been created to evaluate your Marketo knowledge and skill. To give a highly regarded technical marketing credential, the exam is carefully prepared and expertly delivered.

MCE Exam Format

  • About100 multiple choice items
  • 90 minutes are allocated to finish the exam.
  • Exam results are determined by dividing the total number of questions by the number of right answers.
  • Minimum passing score: 75%
  • Registration fee: $175 (USD)

MCE  Exam Topics

The Marketo Certified Expert Test evaluates a candidate's expertise in the following subject areas. The Test Breakdown sheds light on the general level of emphasis placed on each exam topic.

  • Basic Setup and Admin 5%
  • Handling Client Data, Leads, and Lists20%  
  • Picture, form, landing page, and email asset design 15%
  • Plans and Campaigns 35%
  • Lifecycle and Lead Scoring 10%
  • Reporting and Fundamental Analytics 10%
  • Marketing Calendar 5%

Marketo Certified Expert Exam Prerequisites

  • One year of marketing experience
  • Having used Marketo for at least six months, or having had a lot of practical experience building assets, running campaigns, and performing analytics
  • The Foundation Build Workshop has been finished, including all of the exercises.
  • Participation in webinars and topics from the Marketo Learning Passport program, as well as Marketo Community discussions.

How to Prepare For The Marketo Certified Expert Exam Without Taking Stress?

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Marketo MCE (Marketo Certified Expert) certification exam is designed for professionals who want to demonstrate their proficiency in using Marketo marketing automation software. The exam covers a range of topics including Marketo concepts, email marketing, lead management, campaign management, reporting, and analytics. The exam consists of 75 multiple-choice questions that need to be answered within 90 minutes. The passing score for the exam is 70%, and successful candidates will receive a Marketo Certified Expert credential, which is recognized as a standard of excellence in the industry. The certification is valid for two years and requires recertification to maintain the credential.